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Propylene Glycol Products

What are some Propylene Glycol Products?
There a few different Propylene Glycol products and grades of Propylene Glycol. Listed here are the most common which are Pure Propylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol USP. There are also Corrosion Inhibited Propylene Glycol products.

What are some applications of Propylene Glycol Products?
Applications for propylene glycol are Fog Machines, Water System Antifreezes, Humidors, Personal Care, Preservatives, Boiler Water Systems, Wood Boiler Antifreeze, Chiller Antifreeze, and many more.

Which Propylene Glycol product should I use?
If you are directly using the product in food, beverage, or medical applications, you must use a USP grade product. If your application is not in this category you may purchase just Propylene Glycol. The difference is certification. If you require corrosion protection use a inhibited propylene glycol product.

Where can I buy Propylene Glycol Products?
Propylene Glycol is commonly distributed by large chemical distribution companies. Local sources are difficult to find. You may order from ChemWorld directly online. No order is too small.
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Propylene Glycol - 5 gallons
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Propylene Glycol - 16 oz

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