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JeffCool P200

What is JEFFCOOL P200?
JEFFCOOL P200 coolant is intended for use in systems where contact with food or potable water is possible.

What are JEFFCOOL P200 applications?
JEFFCOOL P200 coolant is a heat transfer agent in spray and immersion freezing of packaged food; for beer cooling in breweries; as a cooling agent in food and dairy product processing; as a heat transfer fluid for snow melting systems; and as a coolant in ice rinks and air conditioning systems.

Can I purchase JEFFCOOL P200?
Yes, you can purchase direct from ChemWorld.

Who manufactures JEFFCOOL P200?
Huntsman Corporation.

What is the difference between JEFFCOOL P200 and JEFFCOOL P150?
JEFFCOOL P200 is approved for use in food and beverages facilities JEFFCOOL P150 can not.
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JeffCool P200
JeffCool P-200 - Inhibited USP grade Propylene Glycol - 55 Gallons
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55 Gallons JeffCool P-200 . Approved for use in Food and Beverage Manufacturing plants. An Inhibited U.S.P. grade Propylene Glycol based industrial coolant and heat transfer fluid.

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