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Humidor Propylene Glycol 50/50 Mix- 1 Gallon
Humidor Glycol
Humidor Propylene Glycol

Humidor Propylene Glycol - 1 Gallon
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Humidor Propylene Glycol

This is a 50/50 mix of Propylene Glycol / DI Water. Ready to use.

Why does a Propylene Glycol USP used in Humidors?

Food Grade Propylene Glycol USP designed for use in humidors to stabilize the humidity at an optimum level of 70%. It also actively prevents the formation of mold and bacteria in humidors. Works with all humidification systems and is ideal for activating and maintaining humidity levels in cigar humidors.

The Humidor Propylene Glycol solution should only be applied when setting up your new humidor or when the humidity drops. Depending on the temperature and weather, the fluid should be reused every 3 to 6 months. It should not be used more frequently and never exclusively.

After activating your humidifier it should only be refilled with pure distilled water or deionized water until the solution dissipates. Just add directly to your humidor. Store this container at ambient temperature. Order your Humidor Propylene Glycol today!

This product is 99.9% Propylene Glycol USP in a 1 gallon container. If you require larger sizes and want to start selling Humidor solutions you may order 5 or 55 gallon pails of Propylene Glycol USP.

What is a humidor?
A humidor is a furniture or room that maintains a constant level of humidity for storage of cigarettes, cigars, or tobacco pipes. Each model usually contains a humidifier to control the moisture inside and a hygrometer to indicate the level of humidity. A humidor can be made from various materials like wood or glass, and is available in different sizes. It was invented in 1931 by a Russian, Zino Davidoff.

Why is it important to store cigars in a humidor?
A humidor provides a suitable environment for cigars to mature. Tobacco enthusiasts prefer rolls that have aged well because they give a fine smoke and nice aroma. If storage is too dry, cigars will burn faster and taste bitter; if too humid, cigars will form molds and rot easily. A humidor gives the right level of humidity and protects cigars against harmful elements and seasonal changes.

What is the recommended level of humidity for storing cigars?
Tobacconists and cigar aficionados recommend maintaining a relative humidity of at least 65-70 percent. Relative humidity pertains to the amount of atmospheric moisture in comparison with the saturation point at a given temperature.

What are the types of humidification system used for humidors?
Humidors are equipped with either sponge-based or polymer-based humidification system. The former is more common and widely manufactured. As the name suggests, sponge-based system uses a sponge which is moistened with humidor solution. Polymer-based system relies on acryl polymer which is filled with distilled water.

What is a humidor solution?
A humidor solution is a special blend of distilled water and propylene glycol used for sponge-based humidifiers. Propylene glycol is favored because it inhibits bacterial growth and controls water evaporation.

What is propylene glycol?
Propylene glycol is a sweet, syrupy, and colorless alcohol. Its IUPAC name is propane-1,2-diol and has a molar mass of 76.09 g/mol. Propylene glycol blends well with water, ethanol, diethyl ether, acetone, and chloroform. Its hygroscopic and antibacterial properties made it suitable for humidor solution.

Is it okay if I make my own humidor solution?
Definitely. You can even make a solution that is inexpensive but comparable to commercial solutions. Just mix equal parts of distilled water and propylene glycol in a small bowl. The amount needed will depend on the size of your humidifier sponge; just prepare enough to moisten the sponge.

Is it alright to use any grade of propylene glycol for humidor solution?
No, because some grades can affect the quality and taste of cigars. It is advisable to use only food grade propylene glycol or propylene glycol USP. These are the only grades suitable for health-sensitive applications and have passed under strict quality standards.

What are the types of humidors?
Humidors are commercially available in different sizes, depending on the necessity. One of the most common are desktop humidors, which are best suitable for homes and can fit 20 to a hundred tobacco rolls. Travel humidors are suitable for people on the move and can hold five to 15 rolls. Walk-in humidors are room types and feature ceramic tiles, cedar shelves, and fluorescent lights. They are best used for stores and bars.

When buying humidors, what are the qualities that we should find in order to get value out of our money?
When choosing a humidor, you should be on the lookout for the following:
Humidification system a humidor should maintain a constant and even level of humidity in its interior despite weather changes. That level should be about 65-70%. Temperature should also be maintained at around 21C (7oF).
  • Wood lining, depending on the manufacturer, three types of wood lining are commonly used: Spanish cedar, American/Canadian red cedar, and Honduran mahogany. Spanish cedar is the most popular and is recommended by cigar experts because it absorbs humidity well, protects cigars against tobacco worms, supports cigar maturation, and ensures constant interior temperature. Unless it is dried carefully, Spanish cedar is susceptible to resin formation.
  • On the other hand, American red cedar is used by some manufacturers because it is less expensive and does not form resins. In terms of humidity absorption, this wood is inferior to Spanish cedar and imparts an undesirable woody flavor to cigars.
  • Lastly, Honduran mahogany has less intense odor but its humidity absorption rate is comparable to that of Spanish cedar. However, it doesnt offer much protection against worms.
  • Wood thickness also important to take full advantage of a woods benefits (especially Spanish cedar). Linings should not be lower than 2 mm.
  • Wood construction humidors are constructed in two ways. Medium density fiberboard is constructed with cedar veneer in its interior and hardwood veneer in its exterior. Also called veneer type, this construction is advantageous as its lining expands less when humidity increases.In contrast, solid wood is entirely made of cedar without interior lining. Since interior humidity is greater than exterior humidity, the inner wood tends to expand and cause tensions to the humidor walls. Thus, this construction type is susceptible to cracks and dents.
  • Interior air circulation tray element design and humidor construction should permit air circulation to all areas inside. It should have an airtight seal as well.
  • Lids wooden and glass lids have different advantages depending on their purpose. Wooden lids minimize sunlight exposure and are suitable for cigar maturation. Glass lids can display interior contents even without frequent opening. They are more useful in bars, restaurants, and stores.
  • Hinges should be durable and ensure less amount of friction. Quadrant types are preferred.
  • Hygrometer because it measures moisture content, accurate reading is crucial to make timely adjustments. Hair types are more accurate than spring types. Analog hygrometers should be calibrated at least once every year.
Strength of the humidor body a strong structure improves isolation and increases a humidors value.
Quality of lacquer
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