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Humidor Glycol

Humidor Glycol is a colorless innocuous liquid, which has two extremely favorable characteristics for its use in humidors.

Firstly, the formation of mold as well as bacteria is actively prevented.

Secondly, Humidor Glycol forms a thin layer on the surface of the humidifier, which absorbs humidity at humidity levels of over 70% and which emits humidity at humidity levels below 70%. In this way, the humidifier is self-adjusting and will automatically stabilize the humidity level at an optimum level of approximately 70%. It might take a few days in the beginning until the propylene glycol forms a surface layer and an optimal humidity level is reached.  Order you Humidor Glycol today.

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Humidor Glycol
Humidor Propylene Glycol 50/50 Mix- 1 Gallon
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Humidor Glycol - 1 Gallon

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