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Boiler Corrosion Inhibitors

What are Boiler Corrosion Inhibitors?
Boiler Inhibitors are added to the boiler water to minimize corrosion. A good boiler corrosion inhibitor will protect all your metals from corrosion.

What types of boilers is this product good for?
This product can be used in just about any make or model industrial hot water boiler or outdoor wood boiler. It is not intended for steam boilers.

Why is this product purple?
This boiler corrosion inhibitor contains a P-Indicator. A P-Indicator is directly related total alkalinity. Just add the product to the system and as the pH in the water increases, a light pink will appear. Keep adding to a light pink is observed. This means your pH is right where you want it and you have enough Nitrite to passivate the system.

How often should I perform testing?
The good thing about this product is you can visually see the product. Just check the water clarity and if it is pink. No testing is required.

Is this product compatible with Propylene Glycol?
Yes, this product can be added to propylene glycol.

When should I replace this chemical?
This product should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Nitrite will convert to Nitrate and Nitrate is not a good corrosion inhibitor.

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Wood Boiler Chemical
"Outdoor Wood Boiler Chemical" is a highly concentrated liquid buffered Nitrite/ Borate/ Silicate inhibitor designed for closed loop or open loop Woodstoves with minimal water loses.

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